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Let's face it - travelling can sometimes be quite a chore. On the surface hotels paint a rosy picture. They promise a comfortable stay however, as experienced travellers find out, they usually fail to deliver on the basics. If you haven't considered renting serviced accommodation yet, you might be missing out on one of the best ways to travel. Here are the ways serviced apartments have a leg up over hotels and other short and long-term accommodation.

1. Better value for money

Hotels charge extra for simple add-ons like Wifi or parking. In today's interconnected world, these facilities are absolutely essential to any business or leisure traveller. Serviced apartments have these comforts included as part of the rate at no extra charge.

A typical hotel room averages around 225 sq ft whereas 1 bedroom serviced apartments are typically at least 700 sq ft. Not only do you get more space for a comparable price, with a serviced apartment your daily rates decrease the longer you stay. Whether it’s for a couple of nights or a couple of months, you're far more likely to get the best possible price for your stay. Most serviced apartments are open to negotiating deals, especially if you are a long-term or repeat customer and you book with them directly. Compared to rotating staff at hotels, serviced apartments are usually small businesses that are managed by the same owners and operators for the life of the property making it easier to build a working relationship.

working from serviced flat
Offering more space, flexibility and affordability, serviced accommodation is the smart traveller's choice to live large!

2. More Space, Comfort and Functionality

Most serviced apartments are at least 30% larger than hotel rooms and every square foot is well laid-out for living, sleeping and dining. This makes entertaining clients or guests a breeze with ample space that doesn't intrude into your personal living area. In fact, the trend in hotels is to shrink their rooms even further - with them resembling less a room than a pod. While this might make sense for the occasional traveller, it would offer less comfort for those that have to stay longer or more frequently.

Serviced accommodation offers the weary traveller a place to kick their feet up - a home away from home.

3. More Flexibility

You have the choice to dine in or eat out when you stay at a serviced apartment. Every flat is equipped with a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave to make weeknight dinners a breeze. It’s another way to save money on long-term stays in and around London. As well, keeping to an accustomed diet routine is much easier. Serviced apartments which are located close to local conveniences such as grocery stores, take-aways, restaurants and pubs have more meal options and typically offer better quality than hotel dining. Having your own address makes it easier for friends and relatives to reach you as well as easier access to postal delivery.

free car parking heathrow

4. More Convenience

Serviced apartments often come equipped with laundry and ironing facilities. These might be nice-to-have for a short-term stay but are essential for stays longer than a week. For families with infants and young children, access to daily laundry makes travelling much easier.

In a serviced apartment you fit right in with the locals. Hotel buildings are usually set in large isolated areas whereas apartments have easier access to transit and parking. The right serviced apartments will have an excellent team on hand for you if you need any help settling in as well as finding your way around. Whether you are travelling solo or with family, you could always use the extra help a serviced apartment can provide.

5. More Freedom

Parking in and around London and Heathrow can be quite expensive, and is usually not included in typical hotel rates. Serviced apartments offer free and secure car parking for the entire duration of your stay. For long-term accommodation in West Drayton, serviced flats offer easy to access, secure and convenient garages for 1 or 2 cars depending on the size of the apartment. This makes it especially easy to undertake day-trips such as Thorpe Park, west of London. It also makes renting cars from airports, such as Heathrow, far more convenient.

A professional, friendly host can make all the difference, ensuring that you have no complaints during your stay.

6. More Privacy

Unlike typical hotels, cleaning staff usually do not have access to your apartment unless the serviced apartment manager is on hand. Serviced apartments can also tailor housekeeping to your schedule – and each flat is checked for quality by the manager themselves. Serviced apartments take this part of their product offering very seriously as their properties must be kept immaculate.

7. More Environmentally-Friendly

Last but not least, serviced flats use fewer resources. Housekeeping is provided weekly unless requested otherwise. Daily linen changes take an unnecessary toll on our planet’s resources. Most serviced apartments minimise unnecessary waste and can provide access to local recycling options. The travel industry has recently taken note of its large ecological footprint so every little bit helps to make it more sustainable.

Serviced apartments invite you to make the place your own - a space to live and work with no distractions.

After all, travel should be a little more than just the essentials. Serviced apartments offer that personal touch that makes your getaway a bit more special. There is a certain charm to living off the beaten path that hotels cannot provide. As well, there’s a bit more pampering than if you were to rent a room by yourself. It's easy to see why serviced accommodation is a popular choice!

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